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Honesty with God is one of the keys to a closer walk with Him. It reveals a willingness to trust Him, and allows us to draw near to His loving heart.

Being Honest With God

God is always brutally honest with us. The question is… are we honest with Him? Or, even better, how can we begin to be honest with Him? There’s 3 things to know: 1. God knows our hearts and sees our innermost motives. So, we can’t hide from Him. 2. It has been said that our […]

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Don’t Judge Other Christians

It’s easy to look at others, and their behaviour, and to stand in judgement. Well, how do you know God hasn’t placed that other person exactly where you see him or her? How do you know that God isn’t using the other person to check your attitude and your tendency and willingness to judge by […]

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