Don’t Judge Other Christians

It’s easy to look at others, and their behaviour, and to stand in judgement.

Well, how do you know God hasn’t placed that other person exactly where you see him or her?

How do you know that God isn’t using the other person to check your attitude and your tendency and willingness to judge by appearances?

It’s possible, isn’t it, that you have no idea what God is doing in the other person’s life, nor even in your own life. Think about that.

The real question is this: Am I where God wants me to be, and am I doing what He wants me to do? If so, then praise the Lord that He has placed you, and is using you. If not, then ask Him to show you, or to move you.

Just don’t waste your time looking at other folk… and judging them as if they are not in the will of God. They may be, they may not be. But that is not your business… it’s God’s business.

Stephen Barrett

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