Being Honest With God

God is always brutally honest with us.

The question is… are we honest with Him?

Or, even better, how can we begin to be honest with Him?

There’s 3 things to know:
1. God knows our hearts and sees our innermost motives. So, we can’t hide from Him.

2. It has been said that our thoughts speak louder in heaven than our words do on Earth.
Now, that’s pretty sobering, don’t you think? We should choose our words carefully.

3. God always invites us to talk with Him, and to open up about the things that really touch us deep inside. Whether they are positive or negative, He wants us to open our heart to Him.

Here’s my advice: start by expressing gratitude for some good things in your life. The sunshine and the rain, the bed you sleep in, your eyes that allow you to see His beautiful creation, each simple meal you enjoy.

Even thank Him for the cleansing tears you cry when it all gets too much. Tears are one of the most honest things you can offer to God, and He appreciates your honesty more than almost anything else.

When you can trust Him to accept your simple and honest words, then the most amazing thing happens: you begin to trust His simple and honest words. And that’s when He honours your trust by giving you more faith to believe Him, and more grace to draw near to His heart.

Please try it today, and every day.

Stephen Barrett

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